Playgrounds :

Spacious playgrounds are provided for outdoor games like Cricket, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Volleyball, Kabaddi etc.

Library :

A well equipped library with books on various subjects, encyclopedias and periodicals are available for students.

Laboratories :

We have modern & up-to-date Laboratories of Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Economics, Geography, Social Science, Language, Information Technology and Computer Education.

Audio-Visual Room :

Audio-visual equipments are provided to be used as teaching aids and to screen educational and socially relevant programmes for the children.

Music & Dance :

We have Music & Dance rooms to bring out the hidden talents that are latent among the students. Music & Dance class is included in the time table of each class upto VIII std.

Indoor Games :

We have big halls for indoor games like Badminton, Table Tennis, Carrom, Chess etc.

Art & Craft :

Students show their creativity in the Art & Craft room. Children prepare various articles from waste material enhancing their aptitude for further excellence.

Computer Centre :

In the present cyber age Computer Centre is a place where so many latest broad ready computers help our students to complete various projects. It is also helpful in imparting computer education to the students of Primary to Senior Secondary classes.

Health Care :

Regular dental , eye check u p and other medical examinations of students keep them healthy.